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Here's What The Fab-4-Mation Transformation Coaching System Includes:



💪Work with dedicated elite level coach with formal health coaching and nutritional credentials. They’ve helped hundreds of clients smash their expectations about what kind of changes were possible for 20 years.

💪Receive 90-minute coaching (2x per month). Your coach to keep you on track and give you the accountability that you need.

💪Free diagnostic phone call (normally $50). We’ll help uncover the imbalances in your life that are preventing you from realizing your optimal health and wellness.

💪Get a customized health coaching plan based on your unique lifestyle. This is the secret to guarantee long-term results.

💪Receive lifestyle-based nutrition coaching. You’ll never be confused about nutrition again. No more diets. Finally, eat in a way that gives you energy and makes you happy for the rest of your life.

💪Weekly check-ins between sessions to make sure that you are on track and applying what your learning.

💪Get access to our members-only Facebook group. Here you can connect with others on their health journey. Also you can ask questions and get feedback.

💪And much more (unannounced future benefits to customize your plan)


Members-Only Bonuses

These resources were previously only provided to our private one-on-one, in-person gym clients

✔ Freaky Fast Fitness System
(a very cool workout program for busy professionals)
✔  Fab-4-Mation Mini Course

✔  Freaky Fast Fitness Snack guide for on-the-go-eating.
✔  Counter Culture “Calendering Coach”  for FREE! 

You’ve enjoyed some success but do you have a nagging feeling that you’re not living up to your potential. Do any of these sound familiar?

Guess What. Fad Diets and Fitness Programs DO Work – But They Are NOT Long-Term Solutions. They Don't Address YOUR Unique Core Issues!

Most fad diets were created by smart advertising groups that prey on your desire for a “quick fix”. I’ve met dozens of the most successful diet creators and here’s how this circus works.

1. Find some research that supports a drastic diet (i.e. your body burns fat quickly when you are in ketosis).

2. Get a doctor to be your spokesperson for a one-time fee or for a cut of the profits.

3. Start selling books, workout programs, supplements, etc.

This same process happens over & over in the industry… consider a few common examples:
Likewise, generic fitness plans and even best-selling books that aim to whip your mind into shape to get fit can’t REALLY work long term. How could they? The programs and beliefs holding you back are YOUR’S. They are unique to you and your personal life history and current situation. So how could a generic plan really work for you sustainably?


A study done several years ago found that ALL fad diets worked as advertised (in the short term, at least), IF you follow the plan religiously!

Only a tiny percentage of people are able to stick to these diet plans because they require a massive change in their food and exercise habits.


Generic, boilerplate workout plans, books, programs, and fad diets can't come close to the power of individually addressing your personal strengths and weaknesses with a professionally guided plan.

To have long-term success, you need experience a health and wellness SHIFT that will leverage your unique strengths, appetites, body type, and habits starting with where you’re at now.

In order for it to create lasting change, it has to be easy enough to fit into your already busy schedule.

And in order for it to create lasting change, it has to affect you experientially from the inside out.

Here’s the good news…we are going to help you fine-tune your life!

We have helped hundreds of busy professionals achieve long-lasting results in our Fab-4-Mation Health Coaching Program.

We want to help you get out of yo-yo diet hell and break free of the need for fad diets. Instead, we’ll create an easy-to-manage lifestyle that has helped my clients get fit and stay fit for years.

The reason for our success is that we don’t just coach on exercise or eating habits.
Your entire relationship with health is going to evolve from the inside out.



FAB 4MATION is a four-pillar approach designed to break you out of failed attempts to get your sh*t together once and for all.

Pillar #1: Understand that Health & Wellness Is a Spiritual Practice

I know, I know…this may seem a little weird or woo woo. But when you take care of your health, the rest of your life improves. We believe that your creator, or some higher power, wants you to be happy. Happiness and health are intricately related. Once you start to understand this universal principle your life will change forever.

This alignment of your beliefs will help change your desire to stay healthy and fit so that it feels natural and seamless rather than forced and stressful. In our coaching, we’ll work on breaking through mental barriers that are holding you back from making healthy decisions. Getting your thinking straight is the fastest way to make sure you get fit.

Pillar #2: Focus On Doing LESS to Achieve MORE

Let's face it, the fitness and dieting industries are constantly pushing MORE! More extreme workouts, more extreme diets, and less time for you! Here at Counter Culture Coaching we teach the exact opposite!

We believe that if you honor your FINITE BIOLOGICAL RESOURCES by taking a more moderate approach then you will have more energy, more time, and set yourself up for long-term results because you live a lifestyle that is SUSTAINABLE and enjoyable!

Pillar #3: Setting Up Your Structures & Systems

As a successful professional or entrepreneur you no doubt have set up very important structures and systems in your life that have yielded you very positive results. But when it comes to fitness, nutrition and health in general we seldom set up the necessary structures and systems that are absolutely needed to stay healthy in our hectic 21st Century way of living. At CCC we believe that having the right structures and systems for nutrition, exercise, self-care and a spiritual practice is paramount to your long-term health and wellness. We’ll help you develop these systems around your personal strengths and appetites so that you’ll have the strength to follow through.

For example, if you love to BBQ, it would be insane to try to get you to give up red meat. Or if you have to take clients out to lunch, it’d be impossible to have you simply drink a shake for lunch. Most plans fail because people don’t have plans that are realistic for their situations.

Pillar #4: Learn to Take Disciplined Action & Prioritize Health & Fitness

By the time you implement the first 3 pillars, you will naturally grow into a place where you’ll have developed discipline. For many professionals that might mean scaling back and not doing too much too soon. For others it might mean practicing self-care even when you "don't have the time."

Oftentimes we CLAIM that our health and fitness is a true priority but our actions rarely back it up when life gets busy. But when you do make it a priority, you’ll find that you’ll be happier, more content, and driven in the other areas of your life.


Let us tell you about a client of mine, named JB. JB was a high achiever who worked. 10-12 hours per day.

He is a small business owner, has a large family of 6 girls (yes you read that right), was a religious leader which took up to 8-10 hours of his week, a hard core competitive mountain biker and he also wanted to get into the best shape of his life by adding in some “hard core weight training” to his fitness routine.

As a Type-A personality, JB sought me (Griff) out with foam around his mouth anxiously wanting to do “anything I told him to do” so that he could get results “fast”. He reminded me of a sprinter setting up in the blocks ready to lash out into an all out dash as if his life depended on it.

JB represents one of two very prevalent categories of entrepreneurs and corporate professionals. In fact in the last 15 years of coaching high performing people it is very rare to find an entrepreneur or professional that does NOT fit into one of these two categories. Let’s look at the first category that JB fits snugly into shall we?

Category A: The “I want results, NOW, and I will do whatever it takes to get them”

Typically this category is filled with the “red personality type” and “Type-A personalities” who are naturally hard charging and aggressive. They have an innate desire to be healthy and fit but sometimes fall victim to the grind of their professional and personal lives.

When they do find the motivation to get healthy they do so with a vengeance. They pull out all of the stops and go all in. They take their hard charging personality into the realm of health and fitness and they are ready to rock and roll.

When JB first approached me he exuded the enthusiasm of a 15 year old boy who just got his first kiss from his dream girl. He wanted me to “tell him what to do” and “give him more things to do.”

JB was in for the shock of his life when I told him that we were going to focus on LESS to get him the best results. I told him that we were going to focus on a moderate to light weight training program to ease him into the demands of weight training and I also suggested that he decrease his biking training routine to allow his body to recover properly.
When I dropped these “less” bombs on him he did not know how to react or what to say…he was speechless.

JB had been conditioned to believe the “more is better” model, AKA the “no pain no gain” mantra’s that are repeatedly sounded in the fitness industry.

But here is the dirty little secret…

JB’s body was already overloaded Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and even Spiritually. In short I call this his PEMS health standing. He had overdrawn his available resources and the only way that he stood a chance of getting into better shape was paradoxically to do LESS.


Because that is the only way he was ever going to recuperate his PEMS energy and get into the best shape of his life. He resisted this wisdom for a long period of our coaching tenure, but after suffering insomnia, overuse injuries and bouts of anxiety his body finally became the “pain teacher” which convinced him that doing less (at least initially) was indeed the right thing to do.

Being more teachable we went to work on the 4 Pillars of Fitness and helped him break through some of his disempowering mental and physical habits that were holding him back.

Through the coaching:

– He found the connection between his fitness and his spirituality and happiness.

– We helped him control and be aware of his perfectionistic thinking which always led to burnout and frustration.

– His motivation to be fit came from a more authentic place. So, instead of being motivated for two “white-knuckled” weeks, he was able to maintain a healthy motivation that was long-lasting.

We also helped JB realize that he didn’t need to work harder on his fitness, he needed to work smarter.

Oftentimes our clients are surprised when we cut their old workout schedule in half. But if you do the right work at the gym, the results come from working less, not more.

Next we helped JB set up structures and systems that fit into his way of life. We fine tuned his eating plan to fit into a busy work schedule.

In addition we talked about sleeping habits, spiritual habits, eating habits, thought habits and more. In short we worked on his entire LIFESTYLE ranging from the physical to the spiritual and began to make one change at a time.

He started to feel rested again and more energetic again because he was doing less physical activity, sleeping more and eating the right foods. He balanced his time with his religious duties and family and took steps to LISTEN to his body when it was overworked and in need of some rest.

Ironically when he consented to do less overall work he recharged what I call his “bio-battery” which then allowed him to do MORE work at the gym.

JB was finally able to do some hard core workouts which his soul craved. As an added bonus, he also had more energy for his family, his mountain biking and his orthodontic practice which has over 15 employees.

JB now enjoys a more balanced lifestyle and has the energy to enjoy his professional and personal life in a way that was foreign to him before he employed the simple wisdom of the Fab-4-Mation coaching system.

And In Case You Were Wondering What “Category B” Is…

“Category B” entrepreneurs and professional are actually quite similar to the “Category A” that we just mentioned. This category of people are also highly focused, intelligent, hard working and hard charging. They are often Type-A personalities that are super career oriented often to the neglect of their own health and fitness.

These people have the best of intentions when it comes to their health and fitness and they often make plans to make change but then struggle with the follow through because work picks up and they inevitably place their own self care at the bottom of the totem pole. They are notorious for starting a new fitness or nutrition program but often fade fast when the “demand of life” catches up with them. They have convinced themselves that they do not have the time for themselves and often kid themselves that they will “get around it when life slows down.

Unfortunately their life never slows down and the cycle repeats itself. We love working with BOTH groups because Counter Culture’s Fab-4-Mation system works to break up any existing patterns of thinking and establish more empowering ones.

Introducing Griff Neilson, Co-Founder of Counter Culture Coaching

As a published author, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, multiple certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Wellness Coach, Griff Neilson has personally helped over 100 corporate executives and entrepreneurs obtain lasting health and fitness using his Fab-4-Mation transformation coaching program. 


He currently owns and operates a very successful Personal Training gym and holistic coaching center in Kaysville Utah  that has been in operation since 2007 and has helped over 1000 clients transform their body, mind and career using his 5-Power Pillar Coaching System.  


He is the author of his published book, “Exorcising Your Excuses” and frequently does Keynote Speaking for mid to large sized corporations.  His passion is to help people see health and wellness from a spiritual perspective and therefore obtain the ever-so-coveted work-life-balance that very few people ever obtain.

GRIFF NEILSON, BS, NSCA-CPT, ACSM, EST, CHEK Level III Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Introducing Christina Johnson, Co-Founder of Counter Culture Coaching

My passion for helping others started at a young age, organizing service projects and fundraisers around the neighborhood.  As I got older that passion only intensified.  After suffering from depression for many years and being on medications I wanted to find a more holistic way to heal.  This is when I fell in love with fitness and nutrition.  My drive for helping others led me to coaching on an online forum, which ultimately led to personal training.  Shortly after starting personal training, my brother was a victim to suicide. With my own mental struggles, I knew I needed to do more to help others get control over their health, especially mentally. 

CHRISTINA JOHNSON, NSCA-CPT, CHEK Level II Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Don’t Expect This Program to Be Like Any Fitness or Health Program You’ve Ever Tried

We pride ourselves in providing you with courses and coaching that are HOLISTIC in nature.

That doesn’t mean that we are levitating monks in India who only promote Veganism… (Nothing against Vegans BTW.)

That simply means that we look at the WHOLE picture and develop YOU as a unique individual.

Curious what’s holding you back from your fitness?

Get in touch to uncover the surprising parts of your life that are stopping you from being fit.

Simply put in your name and email below and we will sent you our “Yangster Gangster Quiz” and setup your FREE “Circle of Life” coaching call. Once you take the quiz, you’ll find out the surprising reasons why you can’t seem to get fit and stay fit. This is a unique diagnostic tool that measures your stress levels and gives you suggestions on what you can do right now to increase your results.

Plus, after you take the quiz, we will jump on the phone with you for 15 minutes to help you understand your results and give you some free advice using our “Circle of Life” exercise.


Trust me, this diagnostic is a favorite among our clients. WARNING: if you are a talker it may take up to 30 minutes to complete… which is fine by me because we want you to get REAL value out of our conversation.


This 15-min phone call is designed to help you understand the REAL reasons you are not getting the results you want, and these reasons are likely NOT what you think they are!

After doing these 15-min diagnostic call’s for hundreds of people, we have found most people are surprised by the truth of what is holding them back…

And the truth is, everyone has something different holding them back…

We are not going to try and pigeon hole you into a one-size fits all category. We’re going to find YOUR UNIQUE reasons this test is creepily accurate.

Using what we call the “Circle of Life” exercise, we will address a few of the following “other factors” that have a DIRECT effect on your health and fitness such as:

– Relationships

– Career compatibility

– Finances

– Nutrition

– Social Life

– And many more…

We can assure you that this is NOT A SALES PITCH phone call should you decide to take us up on this one-time offer.

But, let us be fully transparent with you…

As you will see on this site, we DO offer a 6-month health coaching program that we are very proud of. It gets amazing results. And if you are interested in going further with us, you can let us know.

We sincerely hope that you squeeze every ounce of value out of the free call because it can change your life.

So let’s DO THIS!



Let’s discover what is truly holding you back so that you can gain, energy, get fit and feel unstoppable again!

Simply fill out the form above with your email address and we will send your quiz immediately!

What are our clients saying about our programs?

This course has shown me that more is not always better. I have always been someone who has struggled to calm down, or take time to chill out. I try to stay busy and filled with a lot to do. This course was a huge eye opener to me because I saw that I have been making my own life chaotic! Chaos does not help me connect with my spirituality, my family, my fiancee, or my passions. Chaos has been driving the light out of me. Knowing that, I have been trying to focus on doing less. And holy cow it makes a huge difference! I can see my health, mentally and physically in a different light. Those two aspects are not burdens and they don't drain me. I can now see them as my guide and a joyful part of my everyday life. I am still not a professional at remembering to do less but I am now aware of it.

I joined this course because I needed a change in my mindset around health and fitness. This course has incontestably changed my views on both of those things and more. I find myself bringing my own spiritually into my fitness eryday. I am always reminding myself because of the course, to pay attention to my choice in whole foods vs. processed foods. Just the reminder to do that has been a life changer. This course has changed how I view my fitness. That I can enjoy it and be filled with light as I strive to make my body stronger and healthier.

-Abby Moody

Griff is a man with a lot of passion for what he does. He is more than a personal trainer, he is an expert with nutrition and physical fitness. With his energy, he will get you and your employees engaged in learning how life can be improved through proper nutrition, diet, exercise and a mindset change from the constant barrage of fast food commercials and instant gratification society in which we live today. Griff can open your eyes to a better life, answer your question about nutrition and is always a shining example of the things he teaches. Easy going, friendly, personable, knowledgeable and inspiring. You couldn't ask for a better physical trainer or corporate wellness speaker than him.

Scot Penrod, President, Natural Selection

Griff did a 12 week course at our corporate office training interested employees how to train your mind to get the results you want in your personal and professional life. The course was geared towards exercise and nutrition, but he uses universal concepts that can translate to any goal you set for yourself.

Griff's knowledge of health and fitness and how your mind and body work is expansive! He is very enthusiastic and it is obvious that he lives what he preaches. Everyone involved in the class enjoyed it and learned a lot. We were given the tools to carry on with the program and be successful on our own if we apply the principles we learned. Even after the 12 week course was over Griff continues to stay in contact with us to answer any questions we have and to encourage us to stay on a healthy lifestyle journey. I highly recommend Griff as a corporate coach as well as a personal coach.

Barbara Green, HR Director at Headwaters

This program offered knowledgeable and detailed information about overall health and fitness. Great for both beginners trying to change their lifestyle or advanced athletes trying to take their nutrition and fitness to the next level. It was an honor to go through this program and I would do it again!

Brad Ward, Software Engineer & Project Manager, TopVue

Griff is a passionate and engaging fitness/wellness professional that is dedicated to helping people become their very best. The FitMent Infinity program focuses on empowering people so they can make better lifestyle choices that will improve health, fitness and overall wellness.

This powerful principle-based program is not limited to just physical health however, and can be applied to virtually any aspect of life. Regardless of where you (and/or your company) are on the wellness scale, Griff’s FitMent Infinity program can help you attain new heights. Never satisfied with an “out of the box/one size fits all” approach, Griff’s attention to detail and willingness to customize for each organization and individual make Fitment Infinity a truly remarkable experience you won’t want to miss! Begin to see yourself differently and achieve things you never thought possible.

Tony Rasmussen, SVP at Mountain America Credit Union

This helped me understand more about myself. I have discovered some traits of mine that I wasn’t consciously aware of prior to the course and have started to correct some of the self-defeating thoughts I was producing. I do feel like I was already headed down the right path of a more holistic approach as I have been aware of the dangers of processed foods for a few years and more recently figured more about sugar when I started to restrict my son’s intake of sugar because I could see how it impacted his attitude and demeanor at a young age. At first I was controlling his intake, but realized I couldn’t be a hypocrite and dropped my daily Pepsi(s) and my casual sweet snacking and saw a bunch of benefits myself. I do recommend this course to my peers and hope that more people are able to experience some of the soul-opening thoughts I experienced when I attended.

Kelby Teeter, Fraud department team lead, Mountain America Credit Union

In the 4th week of this course I suddenly became aware of all the excuses I use that prevent me from accomplishing my goals. It was then that I knew I could achieve whatever I wanted, and although it would not be easy, it would be done. The very next day I ran a mile and it was painful. So were the next 3 weeks, but 3 months later I ran 12.5 miles and am preparing for a Half Marathon next month. Cold weather, dirty air, busy schedules were simply excuses. This course is not something that needs to be repeated to achieve results. It’s a toolbox for a way of life. Best of wishes Griff. May you have an effect on many lives.

You are doing good work – keep going. The most significant part of your message for me is the mastery of the mental game. When I looked at how I talked to myself I realized “who needs enemies? I have me!”

The first muscle to train is our mind. And for that reminder I thank you.

I have since done 2 half marathons (Moab Half and SLC Half). I am holding steady at my ideal weight without having to “diet”.

Yes, I am happy with where I am, but I get incredible satisfaction when I look back and think about how I ran outside in the crappy winter weather we had – and slowly built up my mileage coming home many times cold and wet, only to “suit up” another day and do it again. I think back and smile. WOW. I did that. And it makes me realize I can do a lot of things despite how hard it may seem. And I’m at a place right now diving into that unknown. Many many thanks Griff.

Diana Clinch, L-3 Communications West

An important aspect of a successful and highly effective workforce is good health. Griff Neilson of Lifelong Fitness [and Counter Culture Coaching] provides a wealth of knowledge trough his courses that has visibly changed the lives of many of the executives at Mountain America. He brought a whole new level of understanding on good nutrition and the pitfalls of certain poor food choices. But that is just the beginning of the training. Griff has trained the staff on good sleep habits, stress management, and exercise. All of this has been combined with individual one-on-one training with staff and their spouses. The individual coaching is flexible and targeted on areas that will most benefit the participants.

I’ve personally had the opportunity to participate in Griff’s training and coaching along with my wife. I found the training very helpful for the family in making good food selections and changing my life. My daughter had been suffering from some weight issues. She decided to follow some of the nutritional principles that we had learned and tried to share with our children. The results were remarkable. She lost the weight she needed to lose and gained the self-confidence she had lost.

Sterling Nielsen, CEO, Mountain America Credit Union

When I began the program with Griff I expected to show up and receive a generic workout plan and a list of do/do not eat foods. Instead what I received was an education on the mind, habits, motivation, and how to make change. I received an education on how nutrition plays into short and long-term health (both mind and body). I also received personalized attention and workout plans designed to meet my "Crystal Clear Vision" (goals).

Without a doubt, Griff "knows his stuff." On top of that though, he adds a genuine caring for you and your improvement. He is thorough, he follows up, and can teach everyone from the complete beginner to those who have been working out and trying to live healthy for years. I highly recommend Griff and his services for anyone interested in making permanent improvements to their, or their employees' health

Jonathan Brouse, VP Branch Administration, Mountain America Credit Union

I am VERY appreciative of the opportunity that MACU provided by engaging Griff as a Lifestyle coach. I have learned a lot about nutrition, exercise, my metabolic type, and in general, a better and healthier way to live. Griff has spent individual time with me helping me to identify better eating patterns that worked best with my metabolic type, though I may have resisted this at times. He even got me to quit caffeine and that was an ugly couple weeks, but worth it to be free of the daily caffeine need. He has also worked with me to develop exercise programs that helped me to achieve my individual goals of strength and running endurance. The opportunity to work with Griff has benefited both my professional and personal life. Thank you again for partnering with Griff.

Cathy Smoyer

I believe that my family and I have benefited greatly by learning more about the components of proper nutrition. While I may not always make perfect choices, my nutritional intake has greatly evolved during the time that I have met with Griff. He has provided me, and my family, with the tools and knowledge to combat some of the diseases and hereditary challenges that my family is faced with. In addition, I have really enjoyed learning more about other forms of exercise in addition to cardiovascular activities. On a recent business trip, the hotel treadmills were occupied. In the past, I would have missed my workout for the day. Because of the workouts and knowledge that I have gained from Griff, I was able to get a full weight training workout in. The nutritional information and strength training knowledge has helped me to improve my overall health and physical condition.

Jason Rodgers

The program gave me great tools to use in every aspect of my life – I learned to create an attitude that will help me succeed with weight loss, family, work or any endeavor I take on. Being diabetic I have a good knowledge base concerning food but was given great information that was new to me and will improve my health in so many ways and the exercises were simple and effective. The Guys energy is infectious – total motivators!