Learn How The “Four Superheroes” of Our Coaching System Can Help You Build Your Career and Enhance the Quality of Your Life.

Who Are The 4 Super Heros?

At their most basic level, the 4 Super heroes represent different areas of your life that need to be in balance to ensure maximal health and productivity. Often, busy professionals and entrepreneurs get sucked into the “hustle trap,” which creates a hyper-focus on career, work, and productivity. This, in turn, creates imbalances in other key areas of their lives.

Can you relate?

Ironically, when the focus of career “hustle” becomes too intense and myopic, it ultimately acts like a
cancer that consumes the host, which is YOU! When the host gets consumed, it no longer has the
capacity to perform its required tasks optimally. As a result, the host’s career, health, family, and
personal life suffer in parallel amounts to the excessive hustle.

Are we suggesting that hustle and hard work are antagonistic to optimal health and wellbeing? Not at all.
What we are suggesting is that the excessive daily pressure that you feel from Corporate America and/or
your own ‘to-do list” (if you are an entrepreneur) can subtly or aggressively take away from other
essential areas of your life that are necessary for maximal productivity, health, and happiness.

Below, we give you a super brief explanation of each “Superhero” and how each one contributes to
your health, productivity, and happiness.

Meet Super You

Super You Woman
Super You Man

You might think of Super You as your paramount superhero. This superhero represents the most important part of your life, namely your HAPPINESS FACTOR! We personally like to rate this factor on a scale of 1-10.

The reason Super You leads all other superheroes is simple. If you are not happy in your life, then nothing else matters! It does not matter how much money you earn, what titles or degrees you have, or how many people call you “boss.” The only thing that really matters is your happiness which stems from your quality of life.

What we would like to suggest is that your quality of life almost exclusively comes from the BALANCE OR LACK OF BALANCE OF YOUR FOUR SUPERHEROES

Think of “Super You” as your final score card of how well balanced you are with all 4 superheroes.

What areas of life does Super You cover?

– Your mental health
– Living in alignment with your core values
– Living in alignment with your overall life purpose
– Balance of healthy stress vs. unhealthy and excessive stress
– Emotional management skill level

Truth be told, the entire purpose of the Fab-4-Mation Transformation Coaching System is to help you achieve more happiness in your life. We know that might sound a little weird because it is a health coaching program, not a course in happiness, right?

Yes, it is a health coaching program and, yes, we want you to get into the best shape of your life and achieve optimal health.
And, therein, lies the key and the secret…

Optimal health is a pre-requisite to true and lasting happiness. Using our holistic Fab-4-Mation Transformation System, we will help you find the areas of your life that need attention and, thereby, become more productive and fulfilled in ALL areas of your life.

Meet Dirt Man & Dirt Woman


Dirt Man/Woman is the superhero in your life who represents your nutrition.  As you may guess, at Counter Culture Coaching we favor foods that come from the “dirt of the earth” instead of from the dust of a factory conveyer belt . . . if you catch my drift.

We base our nutritional coaching on two very fundamental principles.


Principle #1: Your body has been forged through millions of years of evolution to eat REAL WHOLE FOODS that come from plants and animals that reside and roam on the earth. 


Only recently in human history have we been exposed to the highly processed foods that now get a pass as “normal,” even though they are completely foreign to your human biochemistry. 

To return to how we are designed to eat, we will help you structure your unique lifestyle so that you can take in a sustainable ratio of 80/20 (whole foods to processed foods) and above once you are ready.  It is only eating in this way that your body will be able to maintain optimal health.

Metabolic Equation

Regardless of how you are currently eating, we can help you establish clean eating habits that are unique to you.  When you give your body the right fuel in the right amounts, it will boost your energy, heal your body and mind, and, thereby, improve every area of your life.


Principle #2: One person’s food is another person’s poison! 


We understand that the human body needs certain nutrients to ensure your health and wellness.  We also know that your unique body has its own needs, nuances, and demands if it is to stay optimally healthy.

That is why we coach on the principle of intuitive eating.  Our coaching goal is to help you establish the long-forgotten relationship between your nutrition and how your body and mind operates.  In other words, your body KNOWS how much it needs to eat to be optimally healthy.  It also knows how many carbohydrates, proteins, and fats you need.

Your body will truly “speak” to you if it is optimally healthy. Our goal is to help you reestablish that innate connection that gets lost with modern day foods and stress levels.  Once you re-establish that connection you will never have to worry about going on another diet again.

Speaking of diets, there is no “authority”, “guru,” or “expert” who knows what your body needs despite the thousands of claims, diets, and websites that say otherwise. 

Finally, we will help you establish the necessary “structures and systems” necessary to help you form a long-term nutritional habit.  This includes meal prepping, accountability reporting, and finding a system that works for your unique lifestyle.

Meet Movement Man & Movement Woman

Movement Woman
Movement Man

Movement Man/Woman represents the area of your life that requires movement to be healthy. These areas are primarily (but not exclusively) covered by formal exercise and everyday movement. Did you know that your body is literally hardwired to move from a biological standpoint?


Let us guess. When you think of exercise, the first thing that pops in your mind is maintaining a healthy weight and looking good physically.  And while we would agree that those things are indeed important to an overall healthy lifestyle, there is so many more benefits that your body and mind get because of exercising appropriately.


What do we mean by exercising appropriately? 


We are glad you asked because having worked with professionals and entrepreneurs for the last 15 years we can confidently place MOST of them into two camps when it comes to adopting a new exercise habit in their life.


Camp #1 is represented by the hard charging and red personally types who want to jump in headfirst and get after it!  “I am ready to kill it!” they often exclaim when they are ready to change their lives, but they often bite off more than their body is capable of handling.  They tend to go for the extreme measures like CrossFit or something similar so that they can feel like they are getting “fast results” and working hard.  They play into the false narratives pushed by the fitness industry such as “no pain, no gain” or “go hard or go home.”


This camp is notorious for great starts but poor finishes as exhaustion and burnout normally derail any long-term success.  This is a perfect example of NOT exercising appropriately.


Camp #2 is represented by those that know internally that they “should” exercise more and eat better, but they always run into the wall of having “too much to do.” Career, family, and other priorities trump their own self-care.  This often leads to the perpetual guilt cycle which continues in their heads because they “should” be exercising and taking better care of themselves.

Regardless of the camp that you find yourself in, there
is always a balance of exercise that is appropriate for your current physical, emotional, and mental state!  Often this means doing LESS exercise!  Yes, you heard us right . . . LESS!

Let’s say, for example, that you have been living on processed food, coffee, and sugar for the last 20 years of your life, and after watching some inspirational You-Tube videos, you commit to yourself that you are going to dive head first into a new exercise routine!  You start doing a “CrossFit-ish” type of workout and within 2 weeks you feel worn out and your joints hurt.  Any guesses why?

Movement Man/Woman at its core is about respecting the BALANCE of working and resting.  Allowing your body to heal properly but not exercising excessively and LISTENING to your body when it asks you to exercise more OR let up on the intensity for the day because it is trying to heal.  It is about finding the right amount of formal and non-formal movement and exercise that is complementary and optimal for your lifestyle.

Meet Captain Quiet

Captain Quiet

In Corporate America and among entrepreneurs, Captain Quiet represents the superhero that often gets banished to the dark side of the “under world.”

Captain Quiet represents the following:

– Rest and relaxation
– Optimal sleep
– Proper recovery from exercise
– Proper recovery from physical, emotional, and mental stress
– Adequate “me-time”
– Adequate entertainment
– Not taking life overly seriously and having a sense of humor
– Having a normal spiritual practice to ensure proper spiritual health and fitness

We say that Captain Quiet gets banished to the “under world” because out of the 4 superhero’s it is by FAR the most neglected among professionals and entrepreneurs.

Commonly, this superhero finds itself at the bottom of the totem pole because life’s more “pressing issues” get in the way. For example, when work is taken home, quality sleep gets infringed upon because of late night work and the resulting monkey-mind that comes with the excessive workload.

Often, life feels like it is filled with super urgent activities, such as deadlines and making sure that you are pacing yourself adequately in the corporate world. As a result, “Me-time” often gets dismissed in favor of the more “important and pressing issues” that dominate your schedule.

This categorization could represent the Pressed & Stressed Professional or PSP that we speak of often during the Fab-4-Mation program. It’s our job to help you transform into the Consistently Fit Professional or CSP which is personified by a grace and confidence that comes from having the proper amounts of movement and rest in your life. Becoming a Consistently Fit Professional is an art that very few professionals and entrepreneurs have mastered. You can see this with roller coaster dieting and falling off and on the fitness bandwagon.

Are You Ready to Optimize Your Super Heros?

So, the question is this: 

Which of these superhero needs to be optimized in your life?  If you are honest with yourself, you will find that many of your stresses in life come directly from having small or major imbalances of these superheroes. 

If you would like to balance out these superheroes we can help!

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